22 Reishis Drops - (2oz/60ml)

Dragon Herbs 22 Reishis Drops - (2oz/60ml)

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22 Reishis is a unique formulation composed of 22 wild woody mushrooms. All of these mushrooms are considered in China to be a form of “Reishi,” or “mushroom of immortality.” All of the 22 mushrooms have potent immune supporting activities that have been demonstrated over the centuries and in modern laboratory studies. All of the “Reishis” are potent Shen tonics as well. This is an extremely potent mushroom elixir like nothing else on the market. Since 22 Reishis is made entirely from wild mushrooms collected in rugged mountains, it is produced in very limited quantities.

In China, certain woody mushrooms are held in extremely high esteem for their life-preserving, protective and generally tonic actions. Reishi Mushroom (known as Lingzhi in Chinese) is the King of Mushrooms and is generally regarded in the highest possible regard. Interestingly, in Asia, herbalists are well aware that there are several varieties of Reishi, and all of them are used as tonic herbs to promote radiant health.

Each variety has its own strengths and value. In the herbal world of China, there are over 20 mushrooms that are called “Reishi,” the most important being Ganoderma lucidum. Some of the “Reishis” are not actually in the Ganoderma genus but are related or are otherwise extremely potent life-enforcing tonic herbs. All of them have been used for many centuries, so they are well established and well understood at least from a folk-use perspective.

Some are readily available and some are very rare. 22 Reishis, a unique formulation created by Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden, contains literally the 22 varieties of wild woody mushrooms that are sold in “Reishi specialty shops” in China as “Reishi.” They come from all over Asia – from Manchuria, Mongolia, Heaven Mountain, Tibet, Wuyi Mountain, Kunlun (Kyrgyzstan) etc. This is the first product that we know of, perhaps ever, that contains all 22 varieties of Reishi used in the Orient.

Specifications: 2 fl. oz.

Ingredients: Wild Ganoderma lucidum (Changbai Mountain Red Reishi), wild Purple Reishi, wild Purple Reishi with backward stem, wild Ganoderma lucidum (Heaven Mountain Antler-Shaped Reishi), wild Ganoderma sinensis (Black Reishi), wild Ganoderma capense, wild Fomes fomentarius, wild White Reishi, wild Phellinus igniarius, wild Phellinus uspini (Pine Tree Reishi), wild Inonotus obliquus (Siberian Chaga), wild Stemless Reishi, wild Bamboo Reishi, wild Ganoderma applanatum, wild Blood Reishi, wild Coriolus versicolor (Changbai Mountain), wild Beehive Reishi, Fuscoporia punctate, wild Mongolian Reishi, Wild Tibetan Reishi, wild Shaolin Temple Reishi Type 1 (large red), wild Shaolin Temple Type 2 (small brown), Wild Yunnan Reishi.

Other Ingredients: water, alcohol.

Usage: 1-6 droppers per day or as desired.