Coconut Crystals - 12 oz. tin (Raw,Certified Organic)

Coconut Secret Coconut Crystals - 12 oz. tin (Raw,Certified Organic)

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The Low Glycemic Index is the Healthy Secret
Naturally Sweet right from the Coconut Tree

What makes our Coconut Nectar and Crystals such unique sweeteners is the harmonious combination of nutrients, their complex sugar composition and rich caramel-like flavor, making them it the perfect sweetening choices for all your recipes.

Our Coconut Nectar and Coconut Crystals are, at their core, the exact same product. Both are single ingredient products made only from the sap of the coconut tree. The only difference is in the evaporation time (45-90 minutes).

One of the many inherent characteristics of fresh coconut sap, is that it is already naturally sweet right out of the tree. As a comparison, the sap from maple trees, as well as from the agave plant, each require 1-2 days of boiling to concentrate the sweetness of their sap enough to make a sweet syrup.

100% Organic
Low Glycemic (GI of 35)
Replaces honey / maple syrup / cane sugar 1:1

Making Coconut Nectar and Crystals is a very rapid process (45-90 minutes) that requires no additional processing. We just evaporate off the excess moisture until the coconut sap thickens into a delicious syrupy nectar. If evaporation is allowed to continue, the liquid Nectar crystallizes into a nutritious brown coconut sugar we call Coconut Crystals.

Dr. Oz calls it “the best cane sugar alternative.” Use Coconut Nectar or Crystals every day to sweeten your coffee, morning breakfast, for baking or in any recipe that calls for syrup or cane sugar.

Inspired by our dream to create healthy, low-glycemic foods for our diabetic parents, we began with our search to find the purest, organic, low-GI sweeteners in the world, ultimately leading us to the coconut trees of the Philippines.

When the coconut tree is tapped it produces a naturally sweet, nutrient-rich “sap” that exudes from the coconut blossoms. This sap is very low glycemic (GI of only 35), and contains a wide range of minerals, vitamin C, broad-spectrum B vitamins, 17 amino acids, and has a nearly neutral pH.

Glycemic Index (GI) is the ranking of a food’s immediate effect on blood sugar levels and the amount of glucose released over a 2-3 hour period. The higher a food raises blood sugar, the higher the glycemic index. Foods ranked low on the GI scale release glucose into the body slowly and steadily without a sudden spike of glucose in the blood. Low glycemic foods rank 0-55, medium GI 56-69, and high glycemic foods rank 70-100 on the GI scale.

We are happy to report that when Coconut Nectar and Crystals are digested they do not readily turn into glucose and are therefore, absorbed much more slowly by the body due to their very low levels of naturally occurring glucose and fructose.

Although the primary sweetness in our Nectar and Crystals is comprised of sucrose, it is important to note that when sucrose is unprocessed, remaining in its whole, natural form, the glycemic index remains at a low range between 35-40 (depending on the batch, the season, and the geographic location and soil that the coconut trees are grown in).

When comparing Coconut Nectar and Crystals with other similar natural sweeteners, the two most noteworthy benefits are their low glycemic index and short evaporation times (which means less processing).

Coconut Nectar vs Agave and Maple Syrup:
It takes less than an hour to evaporate the fresh coconut tree sap for it to thicken into a syrup (known as “toddy” in the Philippines). Because the sap is inherently sweet right out of the tree (GI of 35), a short evaporation time is all that is needed. Whereas, both agave and maple syrups require 24-36 hours to concentrate their sweetness. And some agave syrups are "hydrolyzed" at temperatures of 140 degrees F. for up to 36 hours, the end product containing 90% fructose, shown to contribute to obesity, liver disorders, and Diabetes.

Coconut Crystals vs Brown Sugar:
Since Coconut Crystals (also called coconut sugar) is made by the same method as our Coconut Nectar (merely evaporated an additional 30 minutes until it crystallizes), the entire evaporation time is very rapid (only 90 minutes from sap to crystals). By contrast, the cane juice used to make commercial brown sugar must boil for many hours. But what is not commonly known, is that the majority of brown sugar on the market is not a true brown sugar because molasses is added after it has already been refined into white sugar.

Just one pure ingredient: 100% Organic Coconut Tree Sap

Our Coconut Nectar and Crystals have a delicious, naturally sweet, caramel-like flavor. And since they are made from the sap of the tree (not from coconut), these products do not have a coconut flavor and are not considered an allergen.

Uses and Recipe Tips
The naturally sweet, rich flavor of our Coconut Nectar and Crystals makes them an ideal sweetener for cookies, muffins, confections, over cereals or pancakes, in tea, smoothies and all your favorite dessert recipes. Coconut Nectar or Crystals can be used in a 1:1 ratio to replace other liquid or granulated sweeteners in any recipe. Each hand-made batch may vary slightly in color and flavor.

Our Coconut Nectar and Crystals are manufactured and packed in dedicated facilities that make and package only Coconut Secret products. These facilities are free from wheat, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, eggs, soy, cane sugar, and GMOs.